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 Ⅱ 语言知识及应用

 第一节 完形填空

 21-25 CCCAB 26-30 DBBCA

 第二节 语法填空

 31.The 32.who 33.presented 34.warmly 35.with 36.another

 37.saying 38.it 39.sweeter 40.that



 41—45 ADBCD

 46—50 ACADA

 51—56 BCBDC

 第二节 信息匹配

 56—60 FCADE

 IV 写作

 第一节 基础写作

  My country begins to carry out the policy that prevents smoking in public buildings since January 1st , 2011. The main aim is to make every public rooms have no smoke by posting the sign of preventing smoking . There are 350 million people smoking recently , in which the male hold 75 percent and the female hold 25 percent . Because of these smokers, about 540 million non-smokers are influenced. More than 100 thousand people per year die because of the second smoke.

 第二节 读写任务

 The passage is mainly about parents give money to their children so that they can show up or get good grades recently by the way of taking the example of Ethan and his mother.




 B theory意为“学说;理论;看法”其后的动词为单数,不能选C,principle:原则;准则;原理, classification:分类;类别。

 C learning situation学习环境。

 D average children普通的孩子与前句的gifted children相对应。

 B 毫无疑问,特长班能够帮助有天赋的学生早点毕业,尽快就职。

 A 把这些有天赋的孩子们从普通班里选走可能会造成严重的问题。

 A intelligent聪明的;competent能胜任的;ordinary普通的;independent自主的。

 B regular class普通班

 D heavily意为“严重的”,本句意为:在特长班由于严重依赖老师的指导,他们几乎不能表现出自己的判断能力。

 A reflect directly on many problems“直接思考许多问题”,与前面的 rely on相对应。

 B 从后面的lose interest可知。

 A 前句的Many are concerned that已提示。

 B adults指前面的parents and teachers.

 A talented与gifted 同义。

 D 从前句Some top students do feel bored in class可知。

 C 从前句Studies have shown that to be bored is to be anxious.可知。


 later later that day那天晚些时候“mentally disabled man” 吗?NO! 这里应该是 “other people”,理由是:“After a while I rose from my seat and walked to the front of the bus. I sat next to the man and introduced myself.”

 on on his own = by himself

 an have a conversation

 all all of us 我们大家。


 A. 依据为:I see it every day when people hold doors for me, pour cream into my coffee, or help me to put on my coat. And I have discovered that it makes them happy.

 D. 依据:but sometimes I feel sad because those who appear independent miss the kindness I see daily.

 B. 依据:When I put on my flashlights,到But instead of getting impatient and angry, they waited, knowing the driver in front of them was in some way weak.

 C. 依据:More often, it would be better if we don’t pretend we feel strong when we feel weak or pretend that we are brave when we are scared.

 B. 通过自己的experience 谈了 “weakness brings out the kindness in people”的观点。

 D. get along swimmingly意为关系顺畅。

 C. 依据:fighting were observed in 10% of the homes. One reason for this is probably that some of their body signals were just opposite.

 C. 依据:researchers observed a surprising behaviour. They are learning how to talk each other’s language.

 B. suggesting that the two may have more in common than we previously suspected.与less different than we thought 同义。

 A. 通读全文不难判断:猫狗且能和谐相处,人类有何不可?

 A. 依据:as it would allow me to wear a tie and go by the name of Mr. Davis.

 C. 依据:I sounded not like a thoughtful professor, but rather a 12-year-old boy.

 D. 依据:I handed out the cards, and the students wrote down their names and fastened them to their breast pockets as I required

 B. 依据A terrible silence ruled the room, and seeing no other opinions

 A. 从I had imagined that I would sit at the edge of the desk, overlooking a forests of hands. Every student would yell. “Calm down, you’ll all get your turn. One at a time, one at a time!” 到 A terrible silence ruled the room, and seeing no other opinions.可以看出作者很失望。

 B. 从the past decades has seen more and more forests disappearing and globe becoming increasingly warm.可知harmful是因为有A、C从而导致D,故选C

 C. 从and is spending a huge amount of money making electric cars and high-speed trains.可知。中国只是has set its mind on leading that market,而不是is the leader of the low-carbon market,故不选B。

 D. targets for saving and reusing energy.与encourage energy conservation呼应

 A. 从末句话That is no small task, but it offers abundant new chances for sustainable product industries.可断。

 D. 从主题句可知:People now realize that this unhealthy situation must be changed, and that we must be able to develop in sustainable (可持续的) ways.


 本文有助于人们判断是非1. A 根据后文look after the environment以及反面观点的hurt 和bully可知,此处应该为kind 友善。

 2. C 与第一句some things are obviously right相对应,clearly。

 3. D 由常识和下句 “…tell them the right things to do on the road”可知,规章是告诉人们对该如何做作出正确“选择”。

 4. A 由常识和5.?C 由逻辑推断可知,如果人们遵守规章而不用考虑其他事情,他们就很“”形成“黑白”观。

 6. D 因tell the truth与lying相对,而与always相对的应是never。A7. A 此处表达坚持“黑白观”的人很容易惹麻烦。B. get into power 搭配不当C. get into prison 坐牢(过于严重)D. get into control 控制

 8. D 由下面的例子可知,有时很难“”区分正确与错误。

 9. B 由but可知,应选与下文中kind相对的cruel。10. D 表达另一种吃肉人的观点。虽然吃肉,但是会以某种方式(somehow)对动物友善。

 11. D 偷东西应有“犯罪感”,即感到(guilty)。

 12. B 13. C 由因果关系可知,“规章制度有助于我们和睦相处,因为规章制度告诉我们对待他人的正确方式”。14. B 由最后一句“that some schools have some regulations and others have different ones…”可知,规章制度也可能是“令人困惑的”。15. C 既然不同学校的规章不同,该由谁来“评判”什16. wearing 逗号前出现谓语动词appeared 因此wear为非谓语,he与wear是主动,因此选择V-ing。

 17. had bought 在主格人称代词he后,显然是作谓语;又因他不是买下了这个学校,故应用虚拟语气,与过去事实相反,故填had bought。

 18. 在系动词felt后作表语,19. the 特指最后的那一排,或在序数词前,用定冠词。

 20. Although /Though 因he thought…与he was wrong是两个句子,且两者之间没有关联词,必定是填关联词;根据两句之间的逻辑关系,应填表示让步的“尽管,虽然”。

 21. harder 作宾补依然是要用形容词,所以不作词类转换,可考虑比较级;句中a little修饰比较级harder,表示“更难一点”。22. which 引导非限制性定语从句,先行词是前面整个句子。

 23. for 表示某个动词或状态延续了多久,用“for +时间段”。

 24. what 引导宾语从句并在从句中作do的宾语,故用连接代词。

 25. them 代替前面的those glasses,作took off的宾语,用人称代词的宾格’t wear them,可知,不用it 用them。

 本文主要介绍了人们相互之间常说 “Have a nice day”这一习惯。26. B 细节理解题。由第一段最后两句可知,特别是“cares about me and wishes me well”27. D 句意理解题。由第二段最后一句可知。28. A 细节理解题。由第四段可知,特别是 “has tried to be nice to you”。

 29. C 深层理解题。由第一句(特别是custom一词)和最后一段的最后两句(While the expression may not often be sincere, it is always spoken. The point is that people say it all the time when they like.)可知,人们常说 “Have a nice day”已成为一种习惯了。

 30. A 主旨大意题。由最后一段,特别是该段的第一句(特别是custom一词)可知。31. B 细节理解题。the baby is difficult to calm down and sleep is impossible 可知,孩子哭是因为他们很难平静下来,因此选择upset 不安的,烦躁的。

 32. C 推理判断题。由第三段第三句I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous (?荒谬可笑的)以及本文最后一句可知。

 33. B 词义猜测题。由第四段的具体描述可知。

 34. D 细节理解题。由第四段第三句 “By the age of 8, their IQ(智商)scores are four to five percent higher than babies fed by a rigid timetable”可知。35. C 由本文的第一句(I have been consistently opposed to feeding a baby regularly)就提出观点,“反对定期喂婴儿”,最后一句(I hope this research will put an end to advocating strictly timed baby feeding practices)希望结束主张严格按时喂养的习惯。既然“不定期”,也就是按婴儿需要喂养,故选C。36. D 细节理解题。由本文第一句(I was blind, but I was ashamed of it if it was known.)可知。

 37. C 细节理解题。由第二段前三句,特别是第三句(When it happened a third time, I realized I had been apologizing to a lamppost)可知。

 38. 细节理解题。because I had given up stopping them for fear of making a fool of myself, I let them all go by.可知,因为车站只有她一个人,因此她根本没打算去拦任何一辆车。

 39. B 推理判断题。由Sometimes I would stop a big lorry可知,靠声音来判断有时是靠不住的。

 40. A 推理判断题。从I had given up stopping them for fear of making a fool of myself可知,她本人不想拦车了,又由managed to swallow my pride and ask someone at the stop for help可知,她是决定找人帮忙了,而在本站没有人,去下一站当然就是希望在那里可以找到人帮忙。

 This means the television networks are able to sell advertising time at relatively high prices during what normally would be dead time for programming.可知,周末的体育节目能给电视台带来很多的利益。

 42. A 根据Saturday and Sunday afternoons—the slowest time periods of the week for general television viewing.和among male viewers who may not watch much television at other times during the week 可知,周末本来就很少人看电视,因此如果取消体育节目,便几乎没有人在周末下午看电视了。

 43. D 根据many men make family decisions on the purchases of computers, cars and life insurance 可知,男人决定买一些贵重物品。

 44. C 根据It is made up of people from the highest incomes groups in the United States 可知,电视台不在乎他们播放高尔夫和网球时收视率低,因为他们的目标是高收入人群即 rich people.

 45. C 主旨大意题。本文主要在讲电视台通过播放体育节目而让广告商注入资金。


 【参考答案】(one possible version)

 Allan Stewart, an Australian old man, born on March 7, 1915, is already the holder of the world record for being the oldest graduate. He thinks it is never too late to challenge oneself to achieve something worthwhile. He got his first degree in 1936, later along with a doctor’s degree of medicine. He decided to study law in his eighties, and he got the master’s degree in 2006, which was his third degree. In 2012, he received his fourth degree by network learning, who was praised for his proper arrangement on his study schedule.



 题号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 答案 C B D A C A D C A B B D B D C 【答案解析】


 2.B. Surprisingly 考察副词,根据上下文句意,此处表示惊讶,居然动物也具有这种能力。

 3.D notice 考察动词,(原词重现,13题前面)意为注意留意。此题的C项意为,是属于超纲词。

 4.A. generally 考察动词。根据上下文意思可以得出答案。此句意为,鸟普通会离开。另外,些题也可以通过排除方法解答。其他选项代入意思都不匹配。


 16.found 考查动词的过去式,根据上下文的时态不难得出答案。

 17.nor 考查连词搭配 neither…nor 表示既不…也不…’s guests,who在从句中做主语。

 21.at 考查介词,固定搭配 at a price 以什么的价格,此题易错,主要是对这个搭配不熟悉。

 22.for 考查介词 show respect for sth.

 23.possibly 考查副词,修饰动词 destroy,此题多数学生知道是填副词形式,但会错在没有去e变y,而是直接加ly.

 24.a 考查冠词,搭配 a small amount of sth. 结构同19题。

 25.thinking 考查非谓语动词,动名词表伴随。此题的结构为A,B,andC,其中A,C用and连接表并列,谓语动词形式须一致,但B多数用现在分词形式表伴随。

 26.A 27.D 28.B 29.C 30.D

 29.细节理解题 根据最后一段倒数第二句话“Become the person you need to become to win over your challenge and do it in your mind first.So,let your imagination run wild,and dare to dream.”得知正确选项为C.

 30.写作目的题 文章出现最多的词是 imaginatoin,所以答案自然要选含有这个词的选项了。此外,也可以根据第一段的第一句话和最后一段的最后一句话得出答案。

 31. A 32. B 33.D 34.B 35.C


 议论文 成功的原因是什么?不是因为天赋,也不是因为出生于富裕家庭,靠的是投入的时间及不断练习。

 31段落主旨大意题,通过第一段我们可以得知作者列出很多人认为成功的因素,如“Some people are born into the right tamily while others are born with great intelligence”出生在好的家庭,天赋异禀,可得知本段主要在讲一些成功的因素,故选A,此外根据上下文意思和排除法,不难得出答案是原因。其他meaning(意义),standards(标准),importance(重要性)都不正确。

 32.猜词题 此种题目的答案多数在前文找,根据前文,不难得知答案 。However,to succced in life,one first needs to set a goal then gradually make it more practical.And,in additional to that,in order to get really good at something,one needs to spend at least 10,000 hours studying and practicing.译文为:然而,要在生活中取得成功,你必须要设定一个目标然后逐步将它变得更加实际,除此之外,要变得更加擅长某事,必须花费至少10,000个小时进行学习和实践。此外,也可以从结构上找到答案,出现两次的needs.

 33.细节理解题 根据第三段的this is a big reason why……,“If you don’t enjoy what you do,it is going to feel like unbearable pain and will likely make you auit well before you ever become good at it.可知答案的关键是this。而this指代的内容刚好是与时间。(To become great at certain things,it’ll require even more time,time that most people won’t put in)有关。

 34.推理判断题 根据第四段“It’s sometimes easy to think they got lucky or they were born with some rare talent,but thinking that way does you no good,and there’s huge chance that you’re wrong anyway”句义为“很容易去认为他们是运气好,或者天生有些独特的天赋,但是这么想对你并无好处,而且极有可能你想错了。可以得知很多人的成功并不是因为天赋或运气。通过but之后的内容不难得出答案,而且也可以通过排除法得出答案。A项的show skills 表达错误,C项的表达at the cost of life以生命为代价是错误的。D项可以根据第四段最后一句的does you no good可以知道答案。

 35.主旨大意题 可通过文章最后一段主题句“Whatever you do,if you want to become great at it,you need to work day in and day out,almost to the point of addiction,and over a long period of time.”得知正确项为C。ABC项都是以偏概全。文章多次提到要花费时间和精力。

 40.细节理解题,根据文章最后一段的内容 all it takes is a bug,a shoulder to cry on,a friendly touch,and an ear that listens可以知道答案。

 41.D 42.A 43.B 44.A 45.C


 41.细节理解题 根据第一段和第二段内容可以得出答案。没有具体的内容,要归纳总结才可以。答案位于第二倒数第二句“and her typing style was analyzed to make sure she was who she said she was.Did she enter her student number at the same speed as she had in past?”可从本句得知监控Jenifer的原因是为了确保她不作弊。故选D

 答案:46-50 BECFD

 46.关键词:Digital cameras




 50.关键词:home security


 答案及解析: (“可乐”解释)


  1.?D 由not easy living with them (their parents) (孩子觉得与父母生活在一起不易)与difficult to live with teenagers(父母觉得与十几岁的孩子生活在一起很难)可知,孩子与父母有“相似的”感受。(逻辑推断)

  2. B 由前两句,可知父母之间有“矛盾”,再根据regarding untidiness and daily routine tasks(关于不整洁和日常事情),对照各选项,只有argument(争吵)适合。(逻辑推断)

  3. C 由前句的untidiness和后面的clothes thrown on the floor可知,房间是messy(凌乱不堪的)。(逻辑推断;也可将untidiness与messy看作是近义复现)

  4. B 由上文提到的收拾房间之类的事,应是housework(家务活)。(上下义复现)

  5. C 由后面的not cleaning up their room or refusing to do the shopping可知,这里应是dropping the towel in the bathroom,一起为blame them的原因。(逻辑推断,或词语同现,受责备的应都是负面的意思)

  6. A 由下句的However, some approaches提示,可知这里是指“不同的父母对待这些问题有不同的‘方法’”。


  7. D 从下面的例子可以看出,有的方法比别的方法更能“达到预期的目的(successful)”。下文中的do better也有提示作用。(逻辑推断)

  8. A 指yell at their children(对孩子大声叫喊)之后,意为“但是‘后来’又为他们清扫房间”。


  9. A 改变孩子不爱整洁的“行为(behavior)”。


  10. C 据下文所举的例子“不帮父母去买东西”“在冰箱里就找不到自己最喜欢的饮料”可知,这是让孩子“感受到自己的行为产生的‘后果’”。


  11. D 在有了上述经历之后,他们就会“重新考虑”他们的行动。(逻辑推断)

  12. A 由下文中的Communication is a two-way process可知,此处填communication。事实上,当完成第13空后,就基本上确定此题选A了。(原词复现)

  13. D 由but可知,要选与lend an ear to(=listen to倾听)相对的talk。(词语同现;逻辑推断)

  14. B 由but可知,要选与understand (理解)相对的scold(责骂)。(词语同现;逻辑推断)

  15. C 此句是强调结构,是对前两句的总结,一句是说要lend an ear to(=listen to倾听),一句是说要understand (倾听),所以总结为“只有通过倾听和相互理解,父母与孩子之间的问题才可得到解决”。




  16. it 在said后的宾语从句中缺主语,应填代词;指代前句中的Miami这个地方,应用it。

  17. earlier 在句中作状语,依然用副词;不变词性,可考虑用比较级;由时态had made,可知是“早在六个月前”就订好了。

  18. were told 由句意或tell sb. sth.这一句型结构可知,是“我们被告知”,由上下文的时态可知,用一般过去时的被动语态。

  19. but 这是考虑not…but…结构,意为“不是为那个星期订的,而是为后一个星期所订的”。

  20. why 意为“我不知道为什么会发生这样的事”,故用why引导宾语从句。

  21. for 因charge…for…是习惯搭配。

  22. surprisingly 因本句已有作表语的形容词helpful,所以应当用副词来修饰形容词helpful,指“令人惊讶地,意外的”,故填surprisingly。

  23. the 特指“在顶楼”。

  24. where 先行词是地点the beach且在定语从句中作状语,故填where (=on which =and on the beach =and there)。

  25. sunburnt 在表示“变化”的got后作表语,要用形容词;sunburn是名词。

  本文是记叙文,介绍有音乐天才的Samuel Osmond。

  26. D 细节理解题。由第一段中的However, he can play very difficult musical pieces by musicians such as Chopin and Beethoven just a few minutes after he hears them可知选D。顺便提醒,有however或but的地方往往是出题的地方,可以注意哟。

  27.?B 细节理解题。由第二段最后两句 “Samuel wanted to become a lawyer as it was the wish of his parents,but music teachers told him he should study music instead. Now, he studies law and music”可知选B,Samuel按照父母的意愿是想做律师的,而不是做音乐家。因按父母的意愿是学法律,按老师的建议学音乐,故D错。

  28. C 综合细节题。由第三段最一句Samuel can’t understand why everyone is so surprised和第三四句 “I suddenly decided to start playing the piano, without being able to read music and without having any lessons. It comes easily to me ---I hear the notes and can bear them in mind---each and every note”可知,他不用看音符就能演奏钢琴,故选C。

  29.?B 推断隐含意义。由第四段最后一句Samuel says confidently, “It’s all about super memory---I guess I have that gift.”可推出。

  30. B 选择标题题。也属主旨要义题。每段都有Samuel,全文都是说学法津的Samuel有音乐天才。

  31. B 细节推断题。第一段说Natalie Smith 为其后面的六辆车交费,第二段交等了其中的原因,是她看到的 “Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty”这句话给了她深刻印象,由此推断,她是受这句话的启发,“想给他人施恩”,故选B。

  32. A 细节理解题。由第三段第三句“I thought it was beautiful,” she said, explaining why she’d taken to writing it at the bottom of all her letters可知,选A。选项B文中无信息支持,无中生有;选项C“决定将其写在仓库墙上”与文中“看到离家很远的一个仓库墙上看到这句话”意义不同,张冠李戴;虽然文中有她老公将其写在教室的墙上,但并不是她要他写的,更不是她抄写这句话的目的,与事实不符。

  33. D 细节理解题。本题是问“谁想出这句话来的”,由第四段中的 “It was in a restaurant that Anne wrote the phrase down on a piece of paper”可知,是Anne Herbert想出这句话来的。可用排除法,Natalie Smith是在朋友的冰霜上看到的,Judy Foreman是在仓库的墙上抄下来的,Alice Johnson是从她女儿那得知的,她女儿是因为Judy Foreman的老公将此句写在教室的墙上而得知的,故不是这三个人想出来的。

  34. C 推断句子意义。推断词、短语或句子意思,需结合上下文去理解。本段中先是Anne Herbert解释她想出的那句话意为:你认为(生活中或世界上)应该多一些存在的事,那么你就随意去做这样的事。接说着她想象中的这类事包括“给破旧教室粉墙”“在穷人区的厨房里留下热饭”等善举。那么该段结尾的话“善举和暴力一样可以在它们自己的基础上建立起来”,其真正的含义是什么呢?再看看接下来这一段,特别是第一句“随意的善举是可以传播或蔓延”,可知“善举同暴力一样是可以自我繁衍的”,故选C。

  35. B 推理判断题。由最后一段的第一和第二句可以推知:受到恩惠的人很可能会施惠于他人,将恩惠传播下去。

 ? 本文作者叙述的是自己申请叫做灯塔计划的志愿者工作的过程和被选作志愿者后去阿布加附近的一个小村庄工作的经历,这段经历让作者学到了许多,改变了人生。

 ? 36. A 细节理解题。由第一段第二句 “My degree, with honors, in English literature had not really prepared me for anything practical”可知,作者的大学教育注重的是理解知识,选A。

 ? 37. A 推理判断题。由第二段最后一句In short, I did not take my decision to apply for the Lighthouse Project lightly. Neither did my family(总之,我并不是轻易决定申请灯塔计划的,我的家人也一样不是轻易决定的)和第三段首句Eventually, however, I won the support of my family(然而,最后我赢得了家人的赞同)可以推断出,作者是同家人讨论商量过的。

 ? 38.?D 推理判断题。由第二段的第二句 “After countless interviews and presentations, I managed to stand out among the candidates and survive the test alone”可推知,作者面临了与其他候选人的激烈竞争。选项A“参加了许多讨论”,文中无信息支持,是无中生有,应排除;选项B“经历了富有挑战性的生存测试”,特别是由survival可知,编题者利用了文中的只言片语(survive, test),编造与文中不符的信息,迷惑考生,应排除;选项C“写了相当多的有关志愿者工作的论文”与文中“sent in all the paperwork needed for the application(呈送申请所需要的文书)”不符,应排除。故选D。

 ? 39. C 细节理解题。由第四段Though the local villagers were poor, they offered their homes, hearts, and food as if I were their own family可知,一到达这个村庄时,他受到村民的热情接待,故选C。文中信息具体,正确选项是对其概括。

 ? 40. A 推理判断题。由最后一段第一句all those things that had seemed so strange or unusual to me no longer did(他当初觉得奇怪或不寻常的所有事现在都不再觉得奇怪了)可推断,已适应了,但当初不适应时要适应这些,是有困难的,故选A。


  41. B 词义猜测题。由前面的so many shoes和后面的to try and match left and right shoes to sell or wear,特别是sell,可知是建立交易市场,故选B。

  42. C 细节理解题。由第二段二、三、四句 “He phoned the shoe company and asked if they wanted the shoes back. As expected, the company told him that they didn't. Ebbesmeyer realized this could be a great experiment”可知,选C。

  43. A 细节理解题。由第三段第二句Ebbesmeyer got to know a lot of them (serious beachcombers) and asked for their help in collecting information about where the shoes landed及其后几句可知,选A,“通过海滩清理者收集信息”。

  44. D 细节理解题。由第四段第一句Ebbesmeyer has become known as the scientist to call with questions about any unusual objects found floating in the ocean可知,选D。

  45. C 写作目的题,也属主旨大意题。文章主题句在第一段,即However, ocean expert Curtis Ebbesmeyer does it in a special way---by studying movements of random floating garbage,由此可知选C。

  46. B 题中organize an outdoor activity, as an instructor与选项B中的organize sports activities and other outdoor pursuits, as an instructor相匹配。

  47. C 题中I can help the elderly and the disabled与选项C中the physically and mentally handicapped, …the elderly相匹配。

  48. D 题中if only I could stay in Spain (西班牙[欧洲]) as an exchange student与选项D中的studying at a foreign university in Europe相匹配。

  49. F 题中I’m well prepared to work as a language instructor与F中的Language Teachers Abroad相匹配。

  50. E 题中wildlife, I specialize in zoology, and I’m a good observer与monitoring wildlife相匹配。

 Version 1:

  Richard Avis, a British who was born on December 1st, 1974, has started to look for time twins in the world since 2011 in order to know about different meanings of successful life in different culture. He uses the local media to help himself. So far, he has found 32 people, including 17 men and 15 women from 13 countries. They are government officials, athletes, drivers, teachers and artists. He plans to find 40 time twins before his fortieth birthday and then he intends to write a book according to this experience.


 Version 1:

  Oseola McCarty was a laundrywoman for more than 75 years. She ?earned a few dollars each time. But she donated $150,000 which was her life savings to help the students who needed financial help.

  I think her behavior is worth praising and very unselfish. Everyone should help others in need. But how much to donate should be based on our actual situation. The $150,000 is very helpful to the students who have financial problems. They can buy many things they need as other students. And they may be more grateful and kinder. Therefore, it’s more likely for them to help others in the future.

  If I am going to give donations, I will choose students too. They are in the most important period in their life. They need to get a long education. They have to buy a lot of books, pencil-cases, pens, erasers and so on, which will certainly cost a lot. They are growing up rapidly, which needs a lot of nutrition. If they don’t have enough money, they can’t eat enough food and take in enough energy. In a word, money is very important to students.(189 words)